Title: The Trash Heap
Author: tafkar
Summary: The exercise: write a story using only dialogue. I tried to do it and name the characters as little as possible, to see if you could identify who was speaking because of the way the line was said. I also tried to have some humor.
Category: Humor
Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Archiving: Always welcome; just let me know you have done so.



"I do not believe you translated the last phrase on that obelisk correctly."

"No, I'm sure I got it right. I've got a feeling they were speaking metaphorically, though."

"A feeling! You coulda told us before you had Carter hit those buttons."

"I suspected it was referring to some sort of midden. There's a number of items of archaeological interest in old trash piles."

"Interest, huh? Like that pile of rags over there?"

"I believe what you are pointing at is the decomposing corpse of a pack animal, Colonel O'Neill."

"Um, sorry, guys. Considering the state of the rest of the site, I didn't expect this to be so...fresh."

"Fresh? For cryin' out loud, it smells like an outhouse in July in here!"

"It does, sir, and that raises some interesting questions. If the site has been abandoned for several thousand years, this trash in this room should have completely rotted away. It's worth investigating, sir."

"Fine. First we need to investigate our way out of this place. You find any instructions on how to reverse that transporter, garbage boy?"

"Colonel O'Neill, I believe I just heard something."

"Sir, I hear it too."

"Leave it to you to get us into a remake of Star Wars, Spacemonkey. You got anything yet?"

"I just need a minute or two more."

"Read fast. Teal'c, Carter, let's try to brace these walls before they make us a lot thinner."


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