Title: Mail Call
Author: tafkar
Summary: Jayne writes a letter home. The cue came from ff_friday; it was "family".
Category: Humor
Spoilers: None
Rating: G
Archiving: Always welcome; just let me know you have done so.



Dear mother,

I was very happy to receive your last letter. The entire crew agrees that the hat you sent is mighty fine. I am wearing it right now.

I am still working on Serenity. It is a very nice place. The captain is very honest and has learned me many things. There is a [scratched out] lady ambassador on board. The mechanic is right sharp. We also have a mighty fine doctor and his [scratched out] very smart [scratched out] sister. Don't worry, mother. The doctor has not had to fix me up much. It is not very dangerous out here. We have not seen any Reavers. I have not gotten any important people mad at me. I have not met any loose women. I have not gotten into any fights. And I never ever have to shoot anyone. There is a married couple who work on the ship too. Tell Grandma that we even have a preacher.

I am glad to hear that Father is still welding. Here are some more credits to help Matty, and some medicine from our doctor. I hope it helps. I miss you all very much.


Your son,

Jayne Cobb


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