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Much of my Firefly writing to date can be found on the Livejournal community ff_friday. Some of it was pretty wretched, and I'm not going to link to it, because it's my darn webpage. Here's links to the stuff that isn't dreadful.

Dr. Tam's Diary
In the spirit of Anais' Dr. Jackson's Diary and Cassie Clare's The Very Secret Diaries of the Fellowship of the Ring, I've written up my own wacky, slightly OOC take on the Firefly series. It's a WIP and probably will be until the movie comes out. I am trying to write a new entry every day. (note: I've been stalled on this, but hope to get going again soon.)
A Charnel House
I had no idea I was capable of such angst! Written for virtualinsomnia's Simon Tam ficathon.
Mail Call
Read it aloud as if you are only semi-literate, and you'll get the joke before the end, I suspect.
This is what I thought a ship might sound like, if it talked.
Losing Hope
An origin story for a favorite recurring character.
Unexpected Places
No one on Serenity wound up where they planned.
Summer's End
A prequel for "Unexpected Places", all about Zoe.
Just Like Old Times
The challenge: write a story that takes place five years after "Objects in Space".
A Momentary Lapse of Reason
I wouldn't want to live in River's head.
Talking Stars
Light, fluffy M/S romance especially for Skripka.
Bite Your Tongue
Mal should remember his mother's advice.


Most of the Stargate fic I've written is short humor; the more serious stories are at the bottom of this list.

new Chrysostom
NC-17. Daniel, Vala and dinner. What could go wrong?
  Another Fine Universe You've Gotten Us Into
Oh, that pesky quantum mirror...
Queer Eye for the SG-1
Adina Atl wondered what would happen if the Fab Five made over Teal'c. Here's my answer.
The Trash Heap
The exercise: write a drabble using only dialogue. I tried to avoid using anyone's names for as long as possible, to see if I could make it clear who was speaking by the way their line was written. Tell me if I succeeded.
Furnishing the Universe, One Room at a Time
I had r_ness over for dinner one night, and he astutely pointed out something very interesting about the Stargate universe. I took it to the logical conclusion - and I hope you get a laugh out of it.
Party Line on the Booty Call
Bringing Stargate down to the level of French sex farce, with sushi. You down with OT3?
  Five Teams SG-1 Wasn't
SG-1 is pinned down by enemy fire at some ancient ruins. Hijinks (and sometimes death) ensue.
The team is stranded in an off-planet prison, and Jack's annoying Daniel. So what else is new? Written for Nos' "first lines" challenge.
Tequila Blues
Inspired by my recent painful experience with tequila, here's a moment of team bonding that starts with Daniel unconscious on the bathroom floor.
Diving to Drown
NC-17. The colonization of desire.
Clone Alone
Daniel is still grieving two years after Jack's death, and receives a visit from Jack's younger clone. You want angst? You got it.
(This story is based on Danvers' excellent Clone series, and some of the dialogue is taken from her story "A Clonely Existence". It can be read independently, but you really oughta read her stories as well.)
Sky So Blue (Shivering with Grief Remix)
Growing up is harder the second time around. Remix of Ana Lyssie Cotton's "Sky So Blue" for the Remix Redux '05 Ficathon.

Stargate Atlantis:

  The Silent Art of Watching
NC-17. They're all lost in the woods. The difference is, he's at home there.

Stargate - Pegasus B:

Pegasus B is a Stargate: Atlantis AU created by Salieri, who then opened the sandbox to the rest of ficdom. The big change: it's a universe where Dr. Daniel Jackson didn't join the Stargate program until his old friend, Dr. Rodney McKay, brought him in to join the Atlantis expedition. The bulk of the stories can be found at this LJ community. I've put my stories in chronological order for when they take place in the timeline (as opposed to when I wrote them). The last story on the list is an AU of that AU, and is a very long action-adventure piece.

  A Hint of Lemon
Part of the Birthday Disaster series. Rodney's divorced parents come to Oxford to take Rodney out for a birthday dinner. Rodney calls on Daniel to be his human body shield.
Part of the Birthday Disaster series. Daniel's going to London on Rodney's birthday, and asks Rodney to fill in for him at work. What could be easier, right? Right?
  Gimme Some Sugar, Baby
Part of the Birthday Disaster series. Daniel and Rodney go to the annual Evil Dead Movie Marathon for Rodney's birthday. What could be safer than a movie theatre?
  Stella Maris
NC-17. Daniel/Rodney backstory. Sometimes it's not just what you say, but when you say it. "Tell me again. Tell me again tomorrow, and I'll believe you."
Read it again with DVD commentary, including summaries of things that happened which you didn't see in the story.
  Untitled Pegasus B Snippet
NC-17. A little Daniel/Rodney moment, shortly after arrival at Atlantis.
  The End of the Affair
NC-17. Daniel explains. Rodney gets a surprise. Jack puts on his fishing gear. Oh, and there's angst, adult situations and ruminations on the 802.11.b protocol. Sequel to Raqs' "Turbulence" series.
  Yet Another Birthday Disaster
Part of the Birthday Disaster series. Daniel and Rodney go offworld on a cultural mission for Rodney's birthday. You'd think he would have learned by now.
  Dark Moon, High Tide
NC-17. The Atlantis expedition arrives in the Pegasus Galaxy to find an old enemy has gotten there first. If you like your stories long, plotty, and packed with action, read this. (Everything up to Stella Maris can be considered part of the continuity for this story.)



Between the Walls
Tyellas asked me to write an evil Lord of the Rings drabble. Not only is it evil - it's NC-17, the first NC-17 fic I'd written in a long time.
Catching Catwoman
My other half asked me to write Keen Eddie, crossed over with...well, you'll see.